The path to find a place of peace in my walk with Christ has been a long one. Here on this blog I hope to share some of the things that have helped (or hindered) my journey. Some of the content is my own thoughts and observations, some are the writings and sermons of Christians throughout history.

My prayer is that something you find here will strengthen your faith or help you down the road in your own journey.

Recent Articles

Homily Three - Commentary on Matthew

The conclusion of the geneology of Christ and exhortation to humility.

Homily Two - Commentary on Matthew

An explination of Christ's geneology and why we should revere the Scriptures

Homily Thirty Five - Commentary on Matthew

A message highlighting Christ's call to love him above all else and how we should treat the poor amoung us.

Homily One - Commentary on Matthew

The first sermon by St. John Chrystosom on the book of Matthew, defending the authorship and validity of the Gospels and setting the roadmap for future messages.

A Call To Action

An amazing video featuring the speech given at the end of Charile Chaplin's film 'The Dictator'. While nearly 80 years old it's message is still relevant to us today.

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